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Erick is a podcast marketer who helps brands and businesses reach targeted podcast audiences without the legwork so that they can focus on what matters.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced Podcast Guesting Expert.


Bootstrapped his company Podcast Connection from zero to 6 figures annually in two years with almost no upfront capital.


Acquired ± 2 million podcast downloads/streams/listens for his clients collectively in the last 2 years.


Leads a team of 14 which started out as 2 and grew to what it is now in less than two years.

Some Background Information

About Erick.

Erick Gerber is an entrepreneur, musician, and the co-founder and COO of Podcast Connection – a Marketing & PR agency focused on podcast interviews.

In just two years, Erick and his business partner Raymond bootstrapped Podcast Connection from a 2-man operation to an amazing and diverse 14-person remote team. Together, they’ve helped 60+ clients get heard by a collective audience of ± 2 million podcast listeners. They’re also the first agency to develop an algorithm that can accurately estimate podcast listens, enabling their clients to essentially “pay per reach” and predict ROI more accurately.

As a formally educated and professional musician, Erick has performed across the globe to live audiences of up to 11,000 and broadcast audiences of up to 200,000+. In 2017 Erick received shared awards for ‘Best Album’, ‘Best Music Video’, and ‘Best Core Band’ at the annual SAMMA.

Podcast Connection was founded amidst the brunt of the COVID-19 pandemic and its conception was the result of two desperate musicians who had to pivot in order to survive. After some time, however, it evolved into much more than that. 

After the pandemic, a two life-changing events, and running a business for a few short years, Erick’s priorities had shifted and his former vision of the musician lifestyle was no longer aligned with his future dreams and desires. And so, what started as a temporary way to survive, became a full-time pursuit, life goal, and passion. 

His new dream is to grow Podcast Connection from 6 figures annually to 8-figures and beyond – giving him more financial freedom and, in the process, helping others have their voices heard.

Pivoting between vastly different industries has led him to discover that many of the skills learned as a musical entrepreneur were not only specific to music but intrinsically beneficial in many industries, including business and marketing. Erick believes that systems, habits, and the power of focus are the three keys to success in everything from music to business to personal well-being.

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9 Topics.

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  1. The three qualifying factors when podcasts vet guest speakers
  2. Five mistakes most first-time podcast guests make (and how to avoid them)
  3. Creating an effective podcast interview strategy to get ahead of your competition
  4. The importance of relevance and quality over quantity
  5. Building trust and creating the brand perception you want
  6. Building skillset and optimizing personal performance
  7. Running a business and managing a team 100% remotely
  8. Systems & Habits – the keys to success in everything from music to business to personal well-being.
  9. Pivoting from music to running a business

15 Questions.

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  1. How do you grow a business from a 2-man operation to a 14-person team in less than 2 years with no up-front capital?
  2. What are some of the common mistakes you see many podcast guests make? How can they avoid them?
  3. How do you manage a team that’s (literally) scattered across the globe and has never been in the same room?
  4. Every guest wants to be on the top podcasts – how does one get onto bigger podcasts and what does it take?
  5. Is it possible to directly measure ROI from podcast interviews? How does one go about it?
  6. Is the size of a podcast show as obvious as people think? Give us 5 tips on how to gauge a podcast’s listenership size more accurately.
  7. What are some tips for maximizing your ROI from every interview?
  8. You’ve traveled to multiple countries and performed in front of audiences of literally hundreds of thousands of people – why give that up to start a business from scratch, in a field you had little-to-no experience in?
  9. Why did you decide to start a new business at the start of a global pandemic?
  10. What did you learn from your time as a professional musician and how has it helped you pivot into a completely different industry?
  11. How long does it usually take before you start seeing a return from doing podcast interviews?
  12. There are so many podcasts asking for sponsored guest fees these days. How can you tell which ones are worth the money?
  13. What methods or tools do you use to find hyper-focused podcasts for your clients and yourself?
  14. You say that one’s attitude and expectations around podcast guesting can either be your biggest asset or worst enemy. Can you explain that?
  15. Other than reach and exposure to other podcasts’ audiences, what other benefits or opportunities sprout from podcast interviews that are often left on the table?

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