Tools included

Track your success rates and stay motivated.

Set your monthly goal of how many podcast you want to speak on and the assistant can calculate how many reach outs you need to send on a weekly basis. The amount of weekly reach outs will also be determined by your success rate as a guest

Determine how successful a podcast is and if the opportunity is worth it

Public websites such as Chartable and Castbox give us good insights into how popular a podcast is and how quickly the podcast rises to the top. There are many podcasts who charge way to much for guest spots compared to industry standards and with this tool, you'll be able to make more educated decisions

Stay on top of your game and don't forget to fulfil your promises

When you are dealing with many podcasts on a daily basis, it's easy to lose track. This tool not only helps you manage your reach outs, it also helps you maintain your A-game with all your podcasts in the pipeline

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