We get you booked on other people's podcasts as a guest expert. guest speaker. guest interviewee.


Except for the actual interviews themselves

Analyze your brand

We create listener avatars for you to help find your audience

Understand your goals

What exactly do you want to achieve with podcast interviews?

Create a custom campaign

A start-to-finish strategy that is tailor-made to you and your goals

Actively find podcasts for you

The right podcasts that align with your goals and listener avatars

Get you placed as a guest

By copywriting and creating assets that make you irresistable to podcasts

Provide support and guidance

Podcast guesting can be scary at first, so we're here to help you through

Access to your own dashboard

With all your upcoming, completed and pending interviews plus more

Reports and statistics

See your total acquired reach, success rates, detailed activity, and more

Pay per reach, not per interview

You don’t pay a set price for other forms of brand awareness, so why should podcast interviews be any different?

We’re the only podcast booking agency that charges according to acquired reach (i.e. streams/downloads), not the number of bookings.

Why do we do this?

  • This allows us to always provide you with one of two things: a) lots of interviews or; b) big podcasts
  • We provide an estimated reach for every show we find for you – giving you a way to measure your progress
  • Most of our competitors charge $200 – $700 per booking – regardless of size – which can work out very expensive for very little results
  • We believe in transparency – our prices are shown upfront, so you know exactly what you’re getting, and for how much.
  • Our per-reach model combined with our monthly subscription model ensures that every podcast opportunity always fits into your budget

Why podcast interviews?

Podcast listeners are highly targeted, pay attention, and have a higher conversion rate.

Buzzsprout’s June 2022 report on podcast stats and data:

  • 60% of podcast listeners have bought something from a podcast ad
  • 81% of podcast listeners say they pay attention to podcast ads more than they do to radio, TV commercials, billboards, and even digital ads on social media
  • 80% of listeners listen to all or most of every podcast episode they start
  • Ad revenue from podcasting is expected to double to $2 billion in 2022.
  • 3.5% of podcast listeners follow podcast guests heard on other shows.
  • Podcast listeners are more likely to follow brands on social media

The results we’ve gotten

Since 2020, we’ve:

  • Booked over <live number> podcast interviews
  • Acquired <live number> podcast downloads/streams/listens for our clients collectively

Case study: How Podcast Connection helped a business achieve 1,261% ROI in just 9 months

<some testimonials that ONLY relate to ROI and gaining new customers etc>

Whatever your niche, we’ve got you covered

Some notable podcasts we’ve worked with:


<insert some top podcasts we’ve worked with in this niche>


<insert some top podcasts we’ve worked with in this niche>


<insert some top podcasts we’ve worked with in this niche, including real estate investing>


<insert some top podcasts we’ve worked with in this niche>

Diversity & Inclusion

<insert some top podcasts we’ve worked with in this niche>

Health, Fitness, and Lifestyle

<insert some top podcasts we’ve worked with in this niche>

Podcasts love working with us

<insert podcast testimonials here>

84% of podcasts rate our initial reach-outs and guest applications 5/5

94% of podcasts rate our overall professionalism 5/5

It’s streamlined, simple, and we take care of everything – giving you the freedom to focus on the important part – the conversation.

<insert some testimonials that ONLY pertain to how easy and streamlined we make the experience>

See the results in real-time

<image/GIF of fortnightly summaries>

<image/GIF of client dashboard with all past, pending and upcoming interviews>

How it works

  1. Choose the price package that works best for you
  2. Enter your payment details and start a subscription
  3. Tell us more about you and your brand
    1. Fill out this guided form that helps us get all the essential information we need in order to undertstand your needs and create an effective strategy. This takes a bit of time but is essential to finding the right podcasts for you.
  4. Talk to us in a strategy call
    1. After preparing some things for you behind the scenes, we sit and optimise your strategy and answer any questions you may have.
  5. Meet your team of agents who will look after you
    1. Your team’s job is take the time to understand your needs, give you individual attention, handle all research and communication on your behalf while keeping you in the loop about the essential information
  6. Sit back and wait for the podcast interview opportunities to come rolling in
    1. Your team creates all your assets for you including your Podcast Interview Profile, media & copyrighted content, and more.
    2. Once we’ve procured an interview opportunity for you, your team will send you all the essential information about the podcast straight to your inbox, including audience & estimated reach, suggested podcast episodes to listen to, relevant links and next steps to booking the show.
  7. Get support and resources to help prepare you for your interviews
    1. Your own personal dashboard with all your upcoming interviews, account information and more,
    2. Podcast Interview Checklist and other resources to help you get the most out of every interview
    3. A dedicated team of 3 that makes sure you have what you need for every interview and attends to your needs

Choose the package that’s right for you

<insert basic pricing table>

On the pricing page, have a graph justifying timeframes to explain results

Things to add:

I’d put in a section for people worried they are not ‘speakers’ therefore not right for podcasts.

I recommend also a section on SEO benefits – podcasts lead to links, which helps build your website authority.

If there are any other common objections include sections to deal with this.

Are you guys planning on having a 6-month minimum contract? This should probably be on the pricing page.

Not ready to sign up yet?

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