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Joanna is a Soul Alignment Mentor, Akashic Records Guide and Human Design Specialist. 

trusted and kind

Akashic Record Guide + Human Design Specialist.

International Retreat Host

Yoga Nidra Teacher

and Certified Transformational Life Coach

B.A - Philosophy

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Joanna is a multi-passionate Soul Alignment + Spiritual Mentor working closely with clients ready to expand into their highest timeline by reconnecting with their most authentic and precious expression; their energetic blueprint. It’s a sacred reclamation of the whole Self, leaving no part behind. Through a blend of different modalities such as Gabor Mate’s Compassionate Inquiry, Human Design, Akashic Records, and somatic embodiment, she journey’s with clients to liberate from outdated stories, beliefs and behaviours in order to create a deeper connection with the true Self, which is always leading us to our most aligned path.


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  1. How to use your Human Design Chart to identify areas you may be getting stuck
  2. Using Human Design to navigate where trauma/shadow may be hiding in your chart
  3. Using the Akashic Records for healing and expansion in all areas of your life
  4. Leave no part behind when you are doing the inner work
  5. Why every part of you (even the ones you don’t like) have something valuable to contribute to your success
  6. Out of your mind, into your body: your mind is not your authority
  7. Leading with intuition is the easiest path to your magic lane in life

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1. Tell us a bit about your journey to where you are now and how your coaching business has evolved?
2. What were some of the struggles you faced as you started your coaching business?
3. You have two very different businesses (coaching + brick and mortar), how does that work for you?
4. What is one of the biggest blocks you see clients facing? In general or when wanting to start something?
5. How has Human Design changed your life?
6. What are the Akashic Records and how do you work with them?
7. What is Sacred Reclamation of the Whole Self? Why is it important?
9. What do you mean when you say your mind is not your authority?
10. Why is it so hard for people to trust their bodies / intuition ?
11. Tell us a bit about how you work with trauma? How does that connect with Human Design?
12. What is the difference between trauma and shadow work?
13. What is something you’d like to share about everyones purpose in this life time?

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