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John Chisum is a long-time music business executive, songwriter, performer, author, blogger, entrepreneur, overcomer, and creative coach.

teaching and performing Worldwide

John is a successful 6-figure coach and songwriter.


with over 400 compositions published in his 40-year music career.


Managed over 200 musical productions such as recordings, print pieces, and collections.

Podcast Host.

of “Song Revolution with John Chisum” has over 160 episodes/155,000 downloads.

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With a career spanning forty years, John knows how to draw the best out of songwriters, artists, team members, and the people around him. For John, helping people break free from their self-imposed boundaries comes naturally, flowing from his own life’s struggles as he’s learned to survive and thrive throughout each decade of his highly creative life.

As the former Vice-President of Publishing for Star Song Media and former Director of Song Development & Copyright for Integrity Media, both in Nashville, John has directed the writing, production, and release of hundreds of musical products. At one time managing eighteen full-time songwriters and over twenty employees, his friendly and outgoing nature made him a popular leader and mentor who sought to accentuate the talents of others above his own.

Most recently, John has founded and established a six-figure coaching company called Nashville Christian Songwriters (nashvillechristiansongwriters.com) that serves thousands of songwriters worldwide with faith-based coaching resources and experiences. His popular podcast “Song Revolution with John Chisum ” hosts well-known artists and behind-the-scenes music business personalities. The show currently has over 160 episodes and has garnered over 155,000 downloads and counting.

Along with his music initiatives, John has launched a personal brand at johnchisum.com that includes a second podcast called “All the Best with John Chisum” featuring guests of many beliefs (or none at all) in an effort to have a more balanced and broad-based discussion around the issues that we face in the world.

Facing a dramatic life transition that drove him into depression and apathy in 2014, John employed his own creativity to rebuild his life and learn to serve others more fully through his coaching, music, and businesses. Forged in the crucible of this breakdown is a deeper faith and more wisdom to face the inevitable downturns of life. John coaches from these depths to help his clients find all the best in their lives again.

John’s personal mission is love and empower as many others as possible to live their best lives through his writing, speaking, coaching, and resources.

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14 Topics.

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  1. Overcoming Setbacks to Reinvent Your Life the Way You Want It To Be
  2. Using Life’s Obstacles to Get Strong, Lean, and Powerful
  3. Tapping Into Hidden Creativity to Live Healthy, Free, and Whole
  4. Finding Purpose and Meaning in Every Season of Life
  5. Stop Setting Goals and Start Embracing Your Destiny
  6. Loving Yourself Back to Life: Overcoming Setbacks, Trauma, and Loss
  7. Harnessing Your Hardships to Experience Greater Meaning and Joy in Life
  8. The Positive Side of Pain: How to Turn the Worst in Life Into the Best
  9. Beyond Self-Improvement to a Greater Sense of Being for a Successful Life
  10. Coaching Yourself to Success: Stop the Negative Chatter, Start Winning Again
  11. Moving from Self-Destruction to Self-Empowerment
  12. You Be You: Tapping Into Your Passion and Purpose to Serve the World
  13. Ending Self-Hatred to Live a More Beautiful Life
  14. Getting Unstuck: Jump Starting Change, Creativity, and Meaning

17 Questions.

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  1. You’ve spent your life in the music industry – why are you launching a self-empowerment coaching business now?
  2. What was your lowest moment when your life started turning around?
  3. How did you learn to empower yourself instead of continue to self-destruct?
  4. What does it mean to harness your hardships to live a better life?
  5. What’s the difference between circumstantial depression, clinical depression, and apathy?
  6. How have you overcome the debilitating sense of hopelessness in your life?
  7. What does it feel like to look back on 40 years of creativity and success in the music business?
  8. What are the ways people can live a more creative life?
  9. What do you mean by living your best life?
  10. How are you helping people live their best?
  11. You seem to have found a deeper purpose as you’ve reinvented your life after loss – – how can others find their own purpose again?
  12. How do you shift your mindset and perspective to live more fully each day?
  13. Does self-improvement work?
  14. You’ve reached a lot of your dreams in life – – how can others realize their dreams?
  15. How does family of origin and childhood trauma or programming affect us as adults?
  16. How do you release negativity to become an empowered person?
  17. What is your faith life and spirituality like now?

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