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Jolyon is a philanthropist, artist, mentor, and founder of the nonprofit Counting Coral.

Lead designer and engineer of

underwater marine parks and the world's first sculptural coral bank


CEO of nonprofit Counting Coral

Audio Architect.

Built and engineered top recording studios in Los Angeles

Residential Developer.

Successfully built over 20 homes valued at 20+ million

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About Jolyon

phonetic pronunciation: Joe-lee-on.

Jolyon had an early love for the ocean, which led to an awareness of its importance and vulnerability. He found a passion for coral reefs while being an ocean videographer for surfers. Amongst countless years of ocean exploration, Jolyon developed his skill sets as a designer, artist, and custom home-builder.

He works for high-profile individuals and CEOs across Los Angeles and Malibu, turning ideas into reality. With coral reefs taking the brunt of the worsening climate change, Jolyon decided to connect his worlds of conservation and artistry to take direct action.

2 years ago Jolyon founded Counting Coral, where underwater art installations began as a doodle and grand idea. Over time, these sculptures were developed scientifically and artistically, initiating the journey of an artistic approach to global coral conservation.

Feel free to click here and view photos and videos of the incredible underwater structures Jolyon and his team are building and assembling.

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6 Topics.

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  1. Top 3 points every starting non-profit needs to know.
  2. How to reach people through the connection of art and conservation.
  3. The power of content and conservation in the growing world of social media.
  4. Why the health of coral reefs is the first indicator of climate change.
  5. How underwater exploration can change human health.
  6. Is there a need for AI technology in ocean conservation?

10 Questions.

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  1. What are some of the biggest struggles in the starting process for a nonprofit?
  2. Why do coral reefs need protecting, why are they beneficial for both human life and the planet?
  3. What inspired your style of artwork that was applied to the sculptures?
  4. What sparked your interest to get involved in conservation – specifically for coral?
  5. Why is approaching conservation with sculptures more effective?
  6. How has your experience with entrepreneurship and design apply to the work within Counting Coral?
  7. What is the emerging dialogue around the fate of corals in the coming decades?
  8. What are the top most damaging factors to reef health?
  9.  What opportunities have opened with the installation of the worlds first sculptural coral bank?
  10.  What role does your experience in underwater videography have in this venture?

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