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Lucy helps Australian physical product companies generate more efficient revenue, increasing profit by utilizing a launch strategy that makes monthly sales cyclical, predictable, and ever-growing.

Experienced and trusted

launch strategy specialist

Generated 0 to 10,000 customers in 18 months

For Trefiel Skincare

Coach of 10k Customers

grew six million dollar businesses in 2.5 years

Bachelor’s Degree in

Design and Visual Communications, 

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Lucy started her first eCommerce business in 2015 and didn’t know anything about digital marketing, finances or growing an eCommerce business. In 18 months, she grew a business from 0 to 10,000 customers with 40% return customer rate, close to double the industry average.

Since 2018, 10k Customers has provided a service to the product, retail and D2C community. First as a coaching company and now as a launch specialisation agency. In that time, Lucy and 10K Customers has built six million dollar businesses with their coaching process and now focuses completely on helping D2C brands harness sales cycles using launches.


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  • Unlock the Secrets to Launching Products Successfully – A Conversation with Australia’s Leading Launch Strategist”
  • How to Increase Your Revenue and Profitability with Simple Launch Strategies – An Exclusive Interview with a Proven Expert
  • From Zero to 10k Customers: The Remarkable Journey of an eCommerce Business That Defied the Odds
  • Revolutionize Your Sales Cycles: Insider Tips from a Top D2C Launch Specialist
  • Maximizing Your ROI: How to Generate More Revenue with Less Effort – Insights from a Launch Specialist

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  1. What are some good examples of effective product launches?
  2. How do you generate buzz for a product launch?
  3. How do you make a product launch irresistible?
  4. Why didn’t my product launch work?
  5. Why don’t I get traction on my product launches?
  6. Product launch not performing, here’s what to do about it
  7. How do you drive sales without discounts?
  8. Product Launch Marketing
  9. How to increase the probability of successful product launches
  10. How do you promote a product launch?

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