As of 2020, there are more than 850,000 active podcasts and more than 30 million podcast episodes. In 2018 the numbers stood at 550,000 and 18.5 million. This means that an average of roughly 5,75 million episodes have been recorded each year, and 2020 is likely to produce even more than that. 
Roughly 30% of these podcasts are interview-based. This means that there are about 1,7 million interview-based podcast episodes recorded per year. That’s 4 700 PER DAY! At Podcast Connection, we handpick and match guest speakers with podcasts that best suit their brand, giving both parties maximum audience growth and saving them hours of research and communication. 

When a guest (or ‘expert’ as we call them) signs up with us, they receive:

  1. A free face-to-face video meeting with us – we want to learn about our experts’ niche and business goals so that we can deliver a more personalized professional experience.
  2. A personalized, and professionally designed info kit – designed to detail all the information that a podcast host would need in order to prepare a great interview, creating a smooth overall experience for both parties. See example info kit
  3. We actively submit these info kits to numerous suitable podcasts in our experts’ niche, handling all the admin work and exponentially increasing their number of monthly podcast appearances.
  4. We manage a streamlined booking process via the latest automated tools, minimizing communication and optimizing efficiency. 
  5. We provide our experts with an interview checklist – a few things to have in order so that they can get the most potential growth on this verbal-only platform, as well as some things to make the podcast host’s job as easy as possible.
  6. Every completed podcast interview will be promoted on our marketing channels, giving both parties some extra promotion.

What’s in it for podcasts?

  • Similarly to experts, they save hours per week (or even per day) finding and communicating with various potential guests to set up an interview.
  • Podcasts are guaranteed a certain standard of professionalism from guests booked by us. They get all the information they need with little-to-no back-and-forth so that they can focus more time preparing the best interview possible.
  • No charge to the podcast – they get an episode’s content (hassle-free) and we get our expert the interview they want. 

For more information, please visit our website at www.podcastconnection.org 
Or email Raymond at raymond@podcastconnection.org



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