NASA prepares for 3 months before they launch a rocket into space.

The planning of a project is as important as (if not more important than) the launch and execution itself. In our experience, preparation and strategizing can go a long way in ensuring that we have fewer opportunities left on the table. 

In this article, I’m going to give you a little sneak peak into what goes on behind the scenes at Podcast Connection between the time you sign up and the time you receive your first podcast interview opportunity. Not only is it important for us to protect your brand, but we often only have one chance to make a good first impression with a podcast. We’ve learned that having a few things in place before making first contact, can greatly increase your chances of success.

After you initially fill out your application (Referring to the form where you provide us with info about you and your brand), the first couple of weeks are spent creating and refining the below:

Table of Contents

Podcast Guest Assets and the Roles They Play

Below is a list of the various podcast guest assets that we create and maintain for our clients, as well as a brief explanation of each:

Podcast Interview Profile

This is probably the most important part of the process. Once we’ve generated some interest in you, a host will land here. Every application or request is designed to eventually lead them here, where they can not only find out more about you, but it’s also designed to show them that you are the obvious choice for their next podcast episode.

Additionally, it gives them all the essential information that they need in order to prepare for their interview with you and saves them time that they would normally spend scouting through your website and socials or requesting more information manually.

Podcast producers and hosts love it when they can see that you’re prepared, organized, and know what they want before they have to ask.

Shortened Bio

Your full detailed bio is great (and important) but at first contact, podcast teams have short attention spans. They want us to get to the bottom line as quickly as possible. We include a short but punchy bio in the application to spark their initial interest before they click through to dive into more depth about you.

Market Analysis & Reach-Out Strategy

This is where we analyze you and your brand, product, service, and message (according to the form you filled out) and figure out exactly:

  • The type of value you can bring to an interview
  • Who is your target market
  • Where exactly (on which podcasts) we’ll likely find them
  • Where to focus sending your guest applications
  • How quantitative and/or qualitative we need to be

Custom Visual Elements to Enhance the Podcasts' Experience Throughout the Process

We create custom images (and video, depending on your package) that compliments the different parts of the process for the podcast host. This includes the content on your Podcast Interview Profile, as well as the various versions of your podcast guest application (see more below).

Copy and Design of the Various Versions of Your Podcast Guest Application

What we call a “podcast guest application” refers to any means or methods we use to make a request for you to be a guest on a podcast. This encompasses various different methods including (but not limited to) email, Typeforms, Google Forms, Website contact forms, online and social communities, leveraging personal relationships we’ve established with podcasts, and more.

It’s very dynamic – from formal to informal, one-on-one to mass communication, unsolicited to well-acquainted. We have different wording (copy) and creatives (image types, or sometimes video) that we design for you to be most effective in each particular situation.

Why Go Through All the Trouble?

Podcast hosts or production teams receive dozens (or more) of podcast guest requests/applications weekly. Most also do podcasting as a side hustle or as a supplement to their primary job. This is why it’s important to (and why we specialize in) make their job of booking you as a guest, as effortless and efficient as possible. It’s a big factor in increasing your chances of getting accepted as a guest.

A common misconception (particularly when individuals are very successful in their niche and space) is that any podcast would likely be happy to have them on their show and that they should receive tons of offers. Unfortunately, though, this is not the case.

What most don’t realize is:

  • They’re likely not the only person talking about a particular topic and the host might not want more of the same content for their listeners
  • Podcasts get to cherry-pick the guests they want, meaning they don’t need you, but you do need them
  • In most cases, they are giving you more value by having you on the show than you are giving them by being a guest (a hard pill to swallow, but unfortunately true).

This is why we need to put in extra effort to win the podcast’s favor by having the above in place before we make first contact.

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