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Riley is an Amazon marketing nerd who has generated with his business over 20+ Million worth of sales.

confident and trusted

amazon expert for 7 years and agency founder.

Rated #1 Amazon Agency

Top 1% rated Amazon Experts on Upwork

Managed $10M in Amazon Ads

Helping Over 100+ Brands Grow on Amazon

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Riley Bennett is your favorite digital nomad Amazon expert. Starting as a seller in 2015, he has expanded into the agency space as co-founder of Amazing Marketing Co., a full-service Amazon marketing agency.

Riley has featured in Disrupt Magazine, appeared as a keynote speaker at 3 digital marketing conferences, enjoys creating content as a Podcast and YouTube host, and is the Co-Founder of Amazing Marketing Co and The StickyWallet.

Aside from ranking products on page 1, Riley enjoys living in Thailand for most of the year, DJing birthday parties, and doing CrossFit.


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  • 5 Horrible Mistakes Most Amazon Sellers Make for Launch
  • Why Worrying About Your ACOS is Pointless
  • 10 Amazon Hacks That You MUST Not Miss Out On
  • This 5-Step Launch System is Ranking Products Like Crazy
  • Amazon Selling in 2023 – 5 New Features You MUST Get ON

10 Questions.

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1. What is the most effective way to list products on Amazon?
2. How can I optimize my product listings to increase sales?
3. What resources are available to help me manage my Amazon seller account?
4. What strategies can I use to increase my visibility on Amazon?
5. How should I price my products to maximize profits?
6. What are the best practices for customer service on Amazon?
7. How can I use Amazon advertising to promote my products?
8. What tools are available to help me track and analyze my Amazon sales performance?
9. How can I protect my brand and intellectual property on Amazon?
10. What tips do you have for managing inventory levels on Amazon?

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