Raymond Rattey

Raymond Rattey

Co-founder / client support / sales & marketing

Your contact person for any and all questions. Creative, pro-active, and enthusiastic, he oversees all client relations and makes sure that we represent our clients in the most professional and efficient way possible. Raymond is a people’s person and is always “reinventing the wheel”, improving our formulas and pushing the team to stand out above the rest.

Erick Gerber

Erick Gerber

co-founder / operations / media

Erick is a level-headed, strategic thinker who makes a big chunk of the magic happen behind the scenes.
Erick oversees company operations, graphics & media, marketing, finance, & admin, and most of the nitty-gritty. He works with our agents to help our clients reach their target audience and the Podcast Connection team reach their goals.




Justine was the first agent to join the team and added a much needed feminine touch to the business during its early developments. She is well-organized, professional, and makes our clients feel at home with her warm and caring personality.

Lindsay le roux



Lindsay has been involved with Podcast Connection in many different ways since day one, and therefore has great insight into the world of podcasts! She has taken on the role of agent and thrives at it. Lindsay is efficient and organized and does not know the meaning of “I’ll do it later”. She takes pride in booking her clients on shows that help build their careers and grow their brands.

Nicole Abrahamse

Nicole abrahamse


Nicole has been a great addition to Podcast Connection. She is a fast learner and a great team player. Her diligence and professionalism combined with her friendly nature make her easy to build a good working relationship with. She is supportive and attentive to her client’s needs. 


At Podcast Connection, we are dedicated to maximizing the output of our clients’ time. That’s why we do all the admin for them – so they can focus on what’s most important to them and their business.

We love getting to know our clients – it helps us choose the podcasts that are best suited to, not just their niche/category, but also their personality. It’s all about creating a personalized strategy and experience.

Raymond and Erick have a collective 25+ years of experience in the entertainment industry. The combination of Raymon’s eager drive (sometimes too eager) and Erick’s practical mindset (sometimes too practical) are what keeps them grounded. Together they form a juggernaut of productivity capable of great heights.


Pierce J. Brooks

Pierce Brooks

-TEDx Speaker
-Founder of ‘Empowered Storytellers’

Communication, Alignment, Trust, Execution — that’s how I would describe the core values of Podcast Connection. Raymond and Erick take personal responsibility to ensure that your message is heard by the right audience to execute your goals. If you’re like me, and you’re protective of your brand — you can trust that Podcast Connection will take quality time to understand the brand, the message, and the audience that needs to hear it.

Bryan Clayton

bryan clayton

-CEO and co-founder of GreenPal

Raymond and his team are super organized and offer great execution for managing a robust strategy around outreach and placement for podcasts. I really don’t have time to be pitching myself to well-known podcasts and Podcast Connection really handles that for me and gets me placed on shows that I normally would not be able to get on. I can’t recommend them enough if you have the time and budget to invest in a PR podcasting strategy.

Elliot Connor

Elliot Connor

-CEO of ‘Human Nature Projects’
-TEDx Speaker

Wonderful service. A truly personalized experience to connect you with the right shows for your voice to be heard.

Angie Adkin

-Host of ‘All Creatures’ Podcast
-Ph.D. in Animal Physiology

Working with Podcast Connection positively streamlined all the intricate and moving parts to bring together an amazing interview experience. I highly recommend their services.”