Podcast Connection” means Podcast Connection (Pty) Ltd with registration number: 2020/175581/07 including its staff and stakeholders and carrying out services or digital products through podcastconnection.org, as further specified in these terms and conditions.

Client” means the person (including juristic and natural persons) who has engaged the Content Packs of Podcast Connection by means of a Social Media Content Pack and/or as otherwise agreed to in writing by the Parties;

Content Pack” means 7 pieces of digital media created and delivered by Podcast Connection to the Client in accordance with the Social Media Content Pack purchased by the Client.

Order Form” means the forms found at https://podcastconnection.org/content-pack-clients/ and https://podcastconnection.org/content-pack-hosts/ which the client is required to fill out when purchasing a Content Pack.


These terms and conditions constitute a binding agreement between the Client and Podcast Connection. If you, as Client, are uncertain, or you do not agree with the terms and conditions or any of the annexures then you should not accept them by completing the Order Form.


One social media content pack includes the following:

  • 1x Announcement Image
  • 3x Audiogram Videos
  • 3x Quote Images

The exact layout and format of each piece of content is determined by Podcast Connection and examples can be seen on the Social Media Content Packs order pages
here: https://podcastconnection.org/content-pack-clients/
and here: https://podcastconnection.org/content-pack-hosts/


The price per content pack is one flat amount of $99 for 7 pieces of media as specified above. This price is slightly discounted on certain subscription-based (recurring) Content Packs (as specified below).

We do our best to make these Content Packs as affordable as possible for you. In order to maintain this affordability, the content of each pack is strictly created from one single podcast episode. Podcast Connection may, at its sole discretion from time to time, agree to generate a Content Pack from multiple episodes, but this will only be in very specific situations that keep it financially viable.

Filling out an Order Form alone does not put the order in motion. Your order shall only commence once payment has been received and a Podcast Connection representative has been made aware of the published episode.
Single Content Pack payments can be made from the Checkout page found at: https://podcastconnection.org/social-media-content-pack-checkout/
Monthly-recurring Content Packs can be purchased from the pages specified under “SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT PACKS ON SUBSCRIPTION BASIS” below.


The format of the content is templatized and therefore can only be customized within certain limitations. Any requested amendments or revisions will be subject to these limitations.

There is one free revision permitted per purchase, after which any additional revisions will be charged at $10 (USD) per revision or amendment.

On the Order Form, you have the option to specify the time stamps for the Audiogram Videos and/or specify the exact quoted text for the Quote Images.
If you do not select these options, you thereby give Podcast Connection permission to act at its sole discretion when choosing these contents.
If you do not select these options and request revisions or amendments pertaining to these particular time stamps or quoted texts, your revision shall not be free and shall be charged at a higher rate of $15 (USD).

If your content packs are subscription-based you must notify a Podcast Connection representative of your desired time stamps or quoted texts within 24 hours of when the published episode is made known to us.

All revision requests must be made within 14 calendar days of first receiving a draft of the Content Pack. Podcast Connection will not be liable to provide any revisions to requests made after this period.


Your Content Pack shall be delivered via a download link sent to the email address specified on the Order Form (or during the sign-up for subscription-based packs). The Client must download their Content Pack within 30 calendar days from when the download link was first sent.

Delivery time for the initial Content Pack (pre revisions) is between 2 and 5 working days, starting from the day that payment was successfully processed. Most of the time, it should not take as much as 5 working days, but this may happen from time to time.

If your content packs are subscription-based, the delivery time will start from when a Podcast Connection representative is notified of the published episode.

Each revision shall take up to an additional 2 working days depending on the complexity of the requested changes.


Subscription-based social media content packs are purchased from the following addresses:

  • 1 CONTENT PACK P/M: https://podcastconnection.org/1-content-pack-monthly
  • 2 CONTENT PACKS P/M: https://podcastconnection.org/2-content-packs-monthly
  • 3 CONTENT PACKS P/M: https://podcastconnection.org/3-content-packs-monthly

If you purchase any of the above items, you agree that Podcast Connection shall bill you on a monthly recurring basis indefinitely until you cancel your subscription. All the prices and number of monthly Content Packs are listed on the respective pages themselves.

You can cancel, upgrade, or downgrade your subscription at any time.

Any Content Packs not created on any given month will carry over to the following month and can be claimed even after you cancel your subscription.

No refunds will be given for content pack subscriptions but the content packs purchased may be redeemed up to 6 months after your subscription cancellation.

When you purchase social media content packs on a subscription basis, this bypasses the Order Form and you hereby agree that Podcast Connection will use their sole discretion as to which released episodes to create content for.
If you wish to dictate which episodes Podcast Connection will either omit or create Content Packs for, you are required to notify a representative of Podcast Connection within 24 hours of when the published episode is made known to us.


The Client is entitled to a refund under the following circumstances:

  • If Podcast Connection did not complete the delivery on the required delivery time as specified above;
  • If the quality, format, or layout of the Content Pack media does not resemble (within reason) the examples shown on the Order Page/s;
  • If the delivered revisions were not at all what was requested by the Client (in which case the Client will either receive an additional free revision or a refund on the revision itself but not necessarily the actual full order).

Podcast Connection reserves to right to cancel any order, cancel any subscription, and refuse to complete an order at our sole discretion. If an order is canceled/refused under this circumstance, the Client is entitled to a full refund of any moneys paid to Podcast Connection for this particular order.