• Agent: Podcast Connection (Pty) as an entity, including all of its staff and stakeholders, carrying out services through podcastconnection.org and as specified by the terms below.
  • Guest: The Guest is defined as the client of the Agent, who is an expert in his/her relevant field and is using the Agent’s services to get interview bookings (Confirmed Bookings) on various podcast shows.
  • Host: This may or may not be the actual host of a given podcast show. For the purposes of this agreement, the Host is considered to be anyone liaising with either the Agent or the Guest on behalf of the podcast show which they represent.
  • Confirmed Booking: A Confirmed Booking comes into existence when both the Guest and the Host have agreed (in writing or verbally) to a date and time for a podcast interview to take place. Furthermore, this only applies if and when it is as a result of the Agent’s services.
  • Booking Fee: An amount of $160 (USD) per Confirmed Booking or (if applicable) a payment arrangement as agreed upon in writing by both the Agent and the Guest.


  1. The Agent’s Responsibility – The Agent is responsible for:

    a. Reaching out to Hosts on behalf of the Guest with an application form including but not limited to professional marketing material with the format and information of the content being approved by the Guest beforehand. Each reach-out mail and application form is personalized to highlight the Guest’s experience and expertise in the best possible way to increase the chances of a potential Confirmed Booking.

    b. Requesting prior approval from the Guest for any documents, marketing material, or any form of medium which the Agent uses to represent the Guest.

    c. Providing the Guest with a list of Confirmed Bookings for their records.

    d. Sending monthly invoices to the Guest on the 25th of the relevant month, containing the correct due amount, according to the number of Confirmed Bookings within that month and the Booking Fee.

    e. Ensuring that the Guest’s desired amount of monthly Confirmed Bookings are fulfilled.
  2. Guest’s Responsibility – The Guest’s responsibilities are as follows:

    a. Responding to messages from the Agent in a timely manner and providing information required by the Agent in order to fulfill their responsibility.

    b. Accepting or declining potential interviews presented to the Guest by the Agent.

    c. Completing any procedures required by the Host that cannot be completed by the Agent, including but not limited to submitting personal information, signing waivers, and any other procedures that cannot be completed by the Agent in order to complete a Confirmed Booking.

    d. Completing the podcast interview with the Host as per the Confirmed Booking.

    e. Paying the Booking Fee/s as invoiced by the Agent, no later than 10 working days after the invoice has been sent to the Guest by the Agent.

    f. Notifying the Agent when the interview (as per Confirmed Booking) has been successfully completed.

Cancellation Policy

  • By the Host: In the event of the Host canceling or not completing the interview for any reason, the Agent will liaise with the Host to attempt to reschedule the interview for a different date & time. If rescheduling the interview cannot be performed, the Booking Confirmation will be null and void and no payment will be due. If the Confirmed Booking was already invoiced and paid for, a Booking Fee credit will be issued to the Guest and the amount will be deducted from the next invoice.
  • By the Guest: In the event of the Guest canceling or not completing the interview for any reason after a Confirmed Booking has come into existence, the Guest will still be held liable to pay the Agent for the Confirmed Booking. The Agent will assist in rescheduling the booking but will not be held liable if another booking can not be confirmed.

By agreeing to use the Agent’s services, the Guest understands and accepts all the above terms & conditions.