Below is our official Ts & Cs. We’ve also created a summarized version for you a little further down.




If you aren’t a Legal Eagle, don’t worry – we’ve made a quick, easily digestible summary of the most important points so that you know what to expect from us going forward.

Please note: this is merely an attempt at summarizing the above official Terms and Conditions. When you sign up, you agree to the official above version and not this summarized version.

Here’s what you need to know:

Monthly Subscriptions & Payments

Payments are made monthly on a recurring basis. Your first payment will be upon registration and your next recurring payment will be exactly one month afterwards. Payments will recur indefinitely until you decide to cancel.

Podcast Credits podcast credits

Your account is credited with Podcast Credits upon each successful payment. The amount of credits will depend on which package you chose. Click here to see a list of packages and their credits.

Podcast Credits Flow Chart

When are you charged Podcast Credits?

  1. When you complete a podcast interview (“Confirmed Booking”) – Once a show date & time has been confirmed, podcast credits are reserved but not deducted. After you complete the interview, then those reserved credits are deducted.
  2. Upon registration – a once-off startup cost of 20 Podcast Credits. This covers the admin costs of getting everything set up for you before the team can start reaching out to podcasts. (Things such as creating your PIP, creating your personal Dashboard, Designing your reach-out templates, creating a targeting strategy, and more.)
  3. When you take more than 4 working days to respond to a Podcast Opportunity – we charge 1 credit per day of non-communication after day 4. (We’ve lost many opportunities in the past due to slow communication and late responses from our clients. If a guest takes long to respond, they are often mistaken for being unreliable and this often scares off podcast hosts. We need to have this penalty in place in order to consistently “strike while the iron is hot!”). This penalty can be avoided by giving your agent prior notice of dates you will be unavailable to communicate.

What if the interview gets cancelled?

As per the flow chart above, if the show cancels the interview with you, then the reserved credits are reverted back to your available balance.

If you cancel the interview: We spend plenty of time and resources getting podcast opportunities before they hit your inbox. If you need to reschedule your interview, we will do our very best to ensure that this happens but unfortunately, we do still debit the Podcast Credits from your account. Some hosts are very reluctant to reschedule an interview once the guest cancels on them once, and we as a business also weaken our relationship with hosts when our clients cancel. In order to protect our best interest and to ensure fewer cancellations by clients, we need to have this policy in place.

Please always do your best to give as much advance notice to the host as possible if something urgent comes up. 11th hour cancellations are much more likely to result in a lost opportunity.

Podcast Interview FlowChart

The below chart illustrates the flow from when the podcast opportunity is presented, to the Completed Interview, all the scenarios in-between, and what each means for your Podcast Credits.


Each show will be assigned a Tier according to their size or estimated reach. Each Tier has a specific amount of Podcast Credits linked to it. The amount of Podcast Credits deducted from your account will depend on the Tier of the show. Click here to learn more.

Subscription Cancellation & Refunds

  • You may cancel your subscription with us at any time, as long as your Podcast Credits are not in arrears. 
  • If you want to cancel with deficit Podcast Credits, you can either wait for your next recurring payment to complete, or buy podcast credits manually to cancel.
  • If you cancel within 30 days of registration, you’ll receive your remaining Podcast Credits back in cash. If you cancel after 30 days, you can redeem your remaining credits by completing more podcast interviews through us (even after you’ve cancelled).

Buying extra credits

Although not necessary, you may (if you wish) purchase additional Podcast Credits at $3 (USD) per credit. If your account is in arrears, and you want to cancel immediately, this would be the way you can cancel.

What Is Required Of You

These requirements allow us to better help you:

  • Ensuring that your recurring payments successfully clear every month
  • Responding to our communication in a timely manner so as to not hinder our ability to use up your Podcast Credits each month
  • Accepting or declining Podcast Opportunities in a timely manner as to avoid hosts losing interest in you as a guest or damaging our rapport with them. 
  • Occasionally completing certain surveys which we cannot complete on your behalf or providing us with personal information which we do not have access to, in order to complete a submission
  • Notifying us of the date & time of each Confirmed Booking
  • Successfully completing the interview with the podcast show
  • Notifying us if a podcast host cancels or postpones an interview with you
  • In the case that you decline a Podcast Opportunity, providing us with sufficient feedback in order for us to refine our targeting strategy
  • Providing us with any relevant information that will increase our chances of acquiring Podcast Opportunities for you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Save you time and energy by finding the most suitable shows for you and your brand, as well as handling most of the communication and research so that you can focus on what’s most important to your company/brand.
  • Increase your chances of getting accepted by shows, by using what we believe to be the most effective methods/tactics for communication and presentation. We are constantly improving these methods/tactics according to real data gathered by our research team.
  • Providing you with an accurate estimation of the expected reach you’ll get from a particular podcast, and empowering you to pay according to what we can deliver.
  • Offering free advice and resources so that you can maximize your return from each podcast interview.